EtuConsult is als Dutch coalition for communityschools verbonden aan Amerikaanse Coalition for communityschools.

Via deze nieuwsbrief delen we ook de informatie van overzee. De Coalition daar is immers zeer actief en publiceert met regelmaat interessante artikelen, handreikingen of boeken.

Zoals deze;


Community Schools Playbook

We are excited to share a new resource, the Community Schools Policy Playbook!


Geared toward advocates and elected officials at the state and local levels, this playbook offers a number of resources including:

• Sample state and local policies and funding that promote community schools

• Model legislation

• Messaging on community schools

• Summary of four pillars of community schools and supportive policies for

each pillar

• Implementation resources 


Use the Playbook, send it to your networks, and share it with your elected officials to help them become community school champions. Look out for an email soon promoting our October webinar series on how to build champions and achieve policy wins featured in the Playbook.


The Playbook is a project of the Partnership for the Future of Learning. 

Read  Playbook